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What Type of Trader Are You?

First things first. When you're ready to trade, you want to start on the right platform. We offer multiple platforms to meet your needs. To determine your needs, first determine what type of trader you are. (Remember: You can always change your preferred platform later.)


You’ve heard of the advantages of trading forex: 24/5 trading and access to leverage to maximize your investment. You can start trading on our free practice account with free trading research and education. But the best way to learn is to trade with real money, and with a Mini account you can start with as little as $50 with default 50:1 leverage. Start a Trading Station Application.


Have trading experience in other markets and looking to diversify by adding forex? You may be able to reuse your current trading approach trading forex and CFDs. Start a Trading Station Application and access the tools and research we offer free with your account.


Not totally satisfied with your current broker? The good news is that FXCM is a global broker, dedicated to customer service—we've even won a few awards for it. We want you to have the best trading experience possible. Experienced traders can choose a Mini account with up to 400:1 leverage or Standard/Active trader accounts with 100:1 leverage. Start a Trading Station Application. Prefer trading on MT4 with EAs? We fully support it.


As a high-volume investor, you require flexibility for custom solutions, from setting up Trust accounts to accessing custom strategies developed by our Programming Services department. You may also be interested in Corporate and offshore LLC accounts, so saving money on transactions is of great importance. In other words, you require our highest level of service. Start an application for Active Trader and Trading Station. Minimum deposit for Active Trader is $25,000. Call +27 10 590 6301 for details.

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