Automated Forex Trading Cheat Sheet

Automated trading is a growing trend in the forex market. More and more traders are finding that they prefer to let the computer or trading system enter and exit the market for them, as it removes the emotions from trading, and allows them to take advantage of trading opportunities that they might have otherwise missed. Furthermore, many traders find that the rigorous process of strategy development requires them to be more disciplined with their risk management approach. While the analyzing, back-testing, and optimization process can take time, the ultimate result can lead to a system that caters to your individual goals and needs.

FXCM's traders have access to Automated Trading Signals. We also offer 5 different automated platforms, including: our flagship Trading Station Desktop, MetaTrader 4, Mirror Trader, and NinjaTrade. Compare Platform Features.

Automated Forex Trading Cheat Sheet, brought to you by FXCM
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