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Live Classroom includes educational webinars, which allow you to easily attend from home or on the go. During a webinar you can actively participate with the other attendees and the instructor. Simply type your questions via the chat feature and the moderator will answer these questions directly and visually. All you need to attend is a computer with an internet connection from any convenient location. Download the mobile app for the live classroom for your iPhone or Android for on the go education. Register now to learn more about the topics listed below:

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Euro Trade Sentiment Daily 11:00 CAT Russell Shor Multiple
Wall Street Sentiment Ideas Daily 15:30 CAT Russell Shor Multiple


Understanding Price Action Monday 20:00 CAT Grace Quigley Multiple
Reading Candlesticks and Understanding Chart Patterns Tuesday 20:00 CAT Liza Donor Multiple
Trading Psychology Wednesday 20:00 CAT Liza Donor Multiple
Intro to Automated Strategies Thursday 20:00 CAT Grace Quigley Multiple
Coding a Custom Trading Algorithm in Lua Thursday 19:00 CAT Rob Pasche Monthly

Euro Trade Sentiment


  • Join us live as our analyst assesses the current sentiment following the London open
  • Discover current fundamental topics influencing trade
  • Learn about important technical levels and analysis

Wall Street Sentiment Ideas


  • Join us and interact with our analyst for a breakdown of the market mood just after New York open
  • Discover current fundamental topics influencing trade
  • Learn about important technical levels and analysis

Understanding Price Action


  • Explore one of the purest forms of analysis in trading as you learn more about a timeless strategy using price movement
  • Learn what it takes to be a skilled price action trader and recognize trade opportunities using few or no indicators
  • Follow along and interact with an instructor to spot some of the top strategies of price action trading on major pairs

Reading Candlesticks and Understanding Chart Patterns


  • Discover important candlesticks used by chartists to analyze technical patterns and price action
  • Learn to read and distinguish between bearish and bullish candlesticks
  • Strengthen your technical charting skills by learning to use continuation and reversal chart patterns

Trading Psychology


  • Understand why traders make psychological mistakes, like greed trading or trading without a plan, and how to avoid these pitfalls
  • Access an exclusive study of live FXCM account holders which identifies what successful traders do differently
  • Learn how to put probability on your side by using effective leverage and proper risk to reward ratios

Intro to Automated Strategies


  • Dive into the world of algo trading as you learn how to set up an automated strategy
  • Learn how to backtest your strategy using powerful technical tools on the Trading Station platform
  • Gain insight on how your strategy performs with various inputs using the Optimizer Feature

Coding a Custom Trading Algorithm in Lua


  • Follow along as our in-house algorithmic trading programmer codes a custom trading strategy from scratch
  • Use FXCM’s IndicoreSDK to assist in coding a custom strategy in Lua
  • Setup an automated strategy to trade on FXCM’s Trading Station platform


As experts in their respective fields, each of our speakers are experienced and passionate traders. Together, our speakers have many years of practical experience in foreign exchange and CFD trading.

Russell Shor

Russell Shor

Russell Shor (CFTe, MFTA) has an Honours Degree in Economics from the University of South Africa and holds the coveted Certified Financial Technician and Master of Financial Technical Analysis qualifications from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). These combined with his over 20 years of financial markets experience allows our resources to be of the high standard and quality. Russell analyses the financial markets from both a fundamental and technical view and emphasises prudent risk management and good reward-to-risk ratios when trading.



Grace Quigley hosts webinars educating traders on how to utilize price action throughout multiple trading strategies. Grace also does a monthly review of global economic events impacting the markets. She has expertise in technical strategies applying both manual and automated backtesting into her trading style. Grace has a background in options trading where she developed multiple risk management strategies. She graduated from Oral Roberts University where she studied macroeconomics and economic behaviors.



Liza Donor hosts webinars on understanding chart patterns and utilizing FXCM’s suite of technical indicators. Also skilled in fundamental analysis, Liza writes articles for FXCM about important economic and geopolitical events. She closely follows the technology sector and the progression of future growth for all economies. Prior to joining FXCM, she worked in the global wealth and investment management division at Merrill Lynch. She graduated from Pace University with a degree in Economics where she studied market trends using a variety of statistical regression models.



Rob hosts webinars that show how custom algo strategies can be coded from scratch using FXCM’s tools and data. An algo trader himself, Rob teaches guiding principles that can assist traders turn any trading idea into a fully-automated system. Rob has been an Algo Trading Programmer at FXCM for the last 3 years, but before that was a Currency Trading Instructor for, authoring over 250 articles and hosting 100’s of educational webinars about novice and advanced Forex trading techniques. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Finance and a minor in Economics.

Past Recordings


3 Part Webinar Series on Algo Trading Yves Hilpisch* PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3
Introduction to Machine Learning Trevor Trinkino* WATCH NOW
Learn NinjaTrader with FXCM Christopher Dolan* WATCH NOW
Learn QuantConnect with FXCM Jared Broad* WATCH NOW
Using Premium Data Dr. Ernest Chan* WATCH NOW
Best Practices for Creating an Algo Trading System Kevin Davey* WATCH NOW
REST API & Python Wrapper Yves Hilpisch* WATCH NOW


Trading Station and Tiered Margin Walkthrough

Follow along as a live instructor downloads and navigates FXCM’s signature trading platform and charting package Learn how to create multiple order types on your trades and how to create a chart, customize your layout, and save your work. See how tiered margin allows traders to keep track of their account equity and actively monitor margin requirements before receiving a margin call.


Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI)

Gain inside access to the open interest of FXCM’s traders on a variety of currency pairs and CFDs. Understand directional bias and how this contrarian indicator works. Learn to use both SSI snapshots and Historical SSI simultaneously on your charts.


Trading Central Indicator

Gain access to third-party technical analysis provided by Trading Central. Discover how Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, MACD, and other indicators form the Trading Central indicator’s analysis. Understand psychological pivot points and potential intraday, short-term, and medium-term trade setups.


Volume Indicators

Understand why traders may seek to use volume as part of their trading strategies to confirm potential trends, breakouts and reversals. See how you can get access to FXCM’s long vs. short trading volume. Learn how to use three different volume indicators: Real Volume, On Balance Volume, Directional Volume, and Market Movers Index.


Traits of Successful Traders

Learn what separates successful traders from unsuccessful traders based on a study of FXCM’s live account holders. Find out how to mitigate risk in your trading using an appropriate trade size and placing effective stops and limits. Discuss how to calculate and use effective leverage and learn to set up an appropriate Risk to Reward ratio.


Using Fibonacci’s in Your Trading

Understand the Fibonacci sequence and Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio in relation to trading. See how Fibonacci levels identify support and resistance and how you can use those levels in your trading. Learn to use and customize this tool within your Trading Station platform.


Advanced Platform Features and Strategies

Apply an automated strategy to your trading account and explore price alerts and signals. Locate optimal strategy inputs using the Optimize Strategy feature. Learn how to backtest your strategy using powerful technical tools on the Trading Station platform.

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