Video Tutorial: Platform Layout - Day Trader

If you're a day trader or scalper, every second counts. Trading Station's flexibility allows you to highlight the most important information on your trading platform so you can get the best day-trading experience. Watch to find out how.


The Trading Station II platform was designed with two goals in mind. To develop a platform that provides the best environment for execution and to create a professional-level interface that is feature-rich and easily adaptable, allowing the end user to create an ideal trading setup with only a few clicks of the mouse. In this video, you'll see how Trading Station II can be customized to create an interface that is optimized for scalping the market. Whether you're an experienced scalper or just learning the ropes, you'll probably appreciate the platform's ability to simplify the trading process.

Removing screen clutter and isolating important information helps you identify trading opportunities more easily. Simply click the X in the top-right corner of any window to remove it from your view. If you want it back, no problem. All of the available windows can be accessed from the View menu. Many scalpers trade fewer than three products at a time. So having access to all of the quotes in the Dealing Rates window at once can be excessive and distracting. From the Symbol Subscription List window, you can clean up the Dealing Rates view by removing untraded pairs.

As a scalper, you have to think fast on your feet. To display larger prices and more legible spreads, you can resize the quote boxes inside the Dealing Rates window. The larger quote boxes also make it easier to take advantage of the Trading Station's One-Click Trading mode. Placing and closing trades with a single click, saves time and helps scalpers not miss out on important trading opportunities.

Charts often play an important role in the way scalpers determine when to enter and exit trades. With the Marketscope 2.0 charting package, you can embed charts directly into the trading platform. This allows you to keep all of your vital trading information on one screen. But if you really need to maximize the way you use charts in your trading, you can work with Marketscope as a standalone application. This allows you to fill your entire screen with the charting application.

With this option, you can place trades in two exciting ways. First, you can trade directly from the charts. You can open, close and manage positions without ever having to use the trading platform. But another feature that many scalpers prefer is to simply extract one or more of the dealing rates from the platform, placing them directly on top of the charts. This way, you have fully maximized the charts and you have access to One Click Trade execution. These are only a few of the many powerful features that Trading Station II offers the scalper. You can recreate the layout we discussed in this video by manually editing your platform.


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