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Forex Capital Markets ("FXCM") Account Form

This form is intended to sync MetaTrader 4 ("MT4") charting with certain pricing profiles of FXCM account holders. Please note that in order to update the charting on your account, all open positions must be closed and your account must be transferred. You will be notified via email, within 2-3 business days, when your account is transferred. You will receive a new account number and password. Open positions, stops, limits and pending orders will not be transferred.

Moving an MT4 account to access proper charting involves certain changes to your account. Before you complete this form, please take note of the following:

  • Expert Advisors ("EAs") on your MT4 account will not transfer. MT4 "Magic Numbers" and custom TXT fields on your account will also not transfer.
  • After your account transfers, you will need to reinstall your EAs. If you use an EA that is locked to your account number(s) you will need to contact your EA vendor to have the EA re-licensed.
  • Trading history prior to this transfer can be accessed through Trading Station II utilizing your old login or through www.myfxcm.com.
  • VPS users will need to contact their VPS provider to transfer their VPS to their new account number(s).
  • This transfer is only available for account holders with certain pricing profiles. Please contact FXCM’s customer service department (www.fxcm.za.com/trading-services/contact-client-support/) to determine whether your account is eligible for this transfer.

Please complete the form below

(8-10 digits)

Joint Account Information (if applicable):


I authorize and request FXCM to transfer the above MT4 account to a new database (my "Request"). In providing such authorization and instruction, I consent to the following terms and conditions ("Terms"):

  1. I understand that submission of this form only constitutes a request and does not require FXCM to comply with my Request. I agree that following my submission of this form, FXCM will act in a commercially reasonable manner to review my Request, but that it shall not be bound to act or make any decision within a specified period of time. FXCM may approve or reject my Request in its sole and absolute discretion.
  2. I understand that my account(s) must be flat and have no open positions (ie. no live trades, stop orders, limit orders or entry orders). If my account is not flat, I understand that FXCM may not be able to process my Request.
  3. I understand and agree that FXCM may transfer the full balance of funds, monies and assets from my existing MT4 account to a new MT4 account. I understand that I may receive a new account number.
  4. If my Request is approved, I understand that the FXCM Terms of Business, Rate Card and all relevant policies that currently govern my account(s) will continue to govern my account(s) and trading activity with FXCM, as amended and supplemented by these Terms.
  5. I understand that if my FXCM account was introduced by a Referring Agent, my new FXCM account will be setup with the same Referring Agent.
  6. I understand that if my existing FXCM trading account is denominated in a different currency other than the USD, GBP or EUR, my existing funds may be converted at a conversion rate in FXCM’s sole discretion.

Thank You

Your information has been received and will be processed shortly.

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