NinjaTrader Trading Strategy Builder

The Strategy Wizard is designed for traders who want to build their own automated strategies, but who aren't necessarily familiar with custom programming languages such as C#. To build your own strategy with the Strategy Wizard, you simply have to define what conditions you want met, and the action you want to occur when those conditions are triggered within the platform.

NinjaTrader Strategy Builder

For Example:
You can set a basic strategy in the Condition Builder to perform an action if the close of the current bar on a given instrument is greater than the 20 period EMA. NinjaTrader can then:

  • Highlight that the condition has been met on a chart
  • Send an alert such as an email or a sound
  • Execute a buy or sell position with pre-defined stop-loss and target levels.

The Strategy Wizard of course provides you with the ability to backtest your strategies using historical data to see how they would have performed under various market conditions. You can see the hypothetical entry and exit points and the associated profit/loss, allowing you to tweak the strategies accordingly prior to enabling them on your live account.

Automated Strategy Development

In addition to the Point and Click method of building a strategy for non-programmers, NinjaTrader also allows developers to construct automated trading strategies using the C# based NinjaScript. With NinjaTrader's advanced event driven model, you can program your strategy logic on events triggered by market data, market depth, order status, fill updates and position updates.

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