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Compare APIs

We have the APIs to cover any trading need, whether you simply want to test your own strategies or you required the highest level of technology through your trading institution.



Live Feed Yes Yes Yes
Historical Prices Yes Yes No
Cost Free with Standard or NDD Account Free with Standard or NDD Account Free with 5,000 account balance
Required Credentials Demo or Live Demo or Live Live
Operating System Windows/Mac/Linux Windows/Mac/Linux Windows/Mac/Linux
SDK Available at GitHub Available at GitHub Standard FIX Protocols
Supports CFDs Yes Yes Yes
Supports Trading Station Desktop Yes Yes Yes
Symbol Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Rates Limit per symbol Up to 2-3/sec Up to 2-3/sec Up to 250/sec
Programming Language Java, C/C++/C#, VB, VBA Java Any with Socket Communication
Communication Protocol Proprietary Proprietary Standard
Desktop Application Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Application Yes No No
Third-Party Application Yes Yes Yes
Order Creation Yes Yes Yes
Delete/Modify Orders Yes Yes Yes

Order Types

Market Order Yes Yes Yes
Entry Order Yes Yes Yes
Limit Order Yes Yes Yes
Stop Order Yes Yes Yes
Stop-Limit Order Yes Yes Yes
ELS Order Yes Yes Yes
OCO Order Yes Yes Yes
OTO Order Yes Yes Yes
OTO-OCO Order Yes Yes Yes
If-Then Order Yes No No
If-Then-ELS Order Yes No No
OCO-ELS Order Yes No No

Order Durations

Day Yes Yes Yes
Good ‘til Cancelled (GTC) Yes Yes Yes
Good ‘til Date (GTD) Yes Yes Yes
Fill-or-Kill (FOK) Yes Yes Yes
Immediate-or-Cancel (IOC) Yes Yes Yes

Account Management

List User Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Account Status (Balance, NAV, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
List Open Positions Yes Yes Yes
List Closed Positions Yes Yes Yes
List Outstanding Positions Yes Yes Yes
Waiting Orders Yes Yes Yes

* Update: For FIX API, FXCM implemented a new MsgType<35> X when sending a symbol subscription MsgType<35> V. For details, click here.

For detailed documentation on the API comparisons, visit FXCM's API Offerings on GitHub.

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